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How to make a Certain group avaible to rez in Sim if there are multiple groups

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To sum it up, i want to make 2 groups for a sim. one should be for staff which can rez objects, one just for visitors to use certain animations and general have  some rights on the sim.

I know under About Land/Parcel Details there is the option to choose the option to make groups avaible to rez and then to set groups in another tab there. But how can i make it just avaible for 1 group if i set 2 groups for the sim's parcel?


thank you!

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the use of animations doesn't have to be set to groups, it can mostly set to "all" ... what shouldn't give a problem on a private sim.

The land you can set to group, or let it be group owned. That's where your staff should be.

Next to that you can set different abilities in the groupsroles.

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Well the Animations its just a example it is alot of different stuffs i use it for, for example event or general announcements, or later maybe who is able to dance on a pole or whatever. But those shouldn't be able to rez objects. Just the staff's group.

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Hello Falara.

When we set a parcel deeded on a group that makes the parcel belong to the group! ( actually to the group owner(s)... )

When that is set, we can create ROLES to that group. Each role can have different ABILITIES in order to do what you asking.

The default roles from SL are 3.

"everyone" .. Thats usually for guests, they can only set home and rez , use the group chat and send notices.

"officers" role has a lot more abilities activated( I suggest dont use that unless you get experience with roles first)

And 3rd is the owners role that has all abilities activated.

You can create more roles and name them as you like and set the abilities you want for each role, so that way people in the same group will have different abilities (powers) on the parcel.

And last I wanted to make clear the term "sim" and "parcel" .. When we say sim we actually mean the full region ( 256m X 256m) which can be subdivided in many parcels. In this case only you can have several groups deeded, one for each parcel.

I hope i help you a bit.

Click Here and you can find more about groups in secondlife 


If you want better answers for your future questions, better use the other section of our community pages that is called "ANSWERS" under the land category. There, a lot of people ( way more experienced) will answer to you and you will get a lot of answers ... (Dont forget to select "accepted solution" when they answer and you feel covered, so the future people can find the answer more easy. -Kudos are also a nice way to show your appreciation for their answers)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2015 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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