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A furry and his family.

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    Hi, my name is KSAMaritan(preferably PlainStain or Plain for short). I've been in second life for about a little over a year approx. I have a family or "I" atleast hopefully "believe" I do, and we go by the group called StarFalls. To explain from the start how I met this family was really on a whim.

        It was about 4 months after I started SL for the first time and I just found about rp sims. On one of these sims I met a member of the family. As naive as I was at the time and I still am (Naive as in sensitive and emotionally unstable or having a hard time keeping SL or RL separate) I said I was lonely and I wanted a family (also not many people were not keen on having a furry as a part oftheir family, which I saw from first hand experience) and he offered me a place. It was awkward since well I myself being an awkward character had a hard time opening up. Eventually got over it and for the next few months truth be told the time I spent with them was comparable to that I would spend with an RL family it was amazing.(haha yeah it kinda sounded better in my head)

         And like many good things, things started to become bleak. The member I mentioned had a tense relationship with the mother of the group from what I can understand and as a fact..... no one was really on SL or even if they were they never (I mean ofcourse they did their own thing in SL its not obligatory to be with SL family all the time) met one another , as if strangers. Also due to RL reasons I wasn't able to be on SL or wasn't able to dedicate to it as much as I once did during this time.

      What really started getting to me was when about 2-3 months ago I was surprised I was once gone for about a good month from SL and I came back to meet the fam ,but to my surprise the family sim disappeared and no one bothered to explain till one of them came one after a week. Finally some time passed leading up to today, the family has a new sim ,but all I could say is that....its a very empty group now.(yes RL had its toll ,but I feel the group just got discombobulated though I keep in touch  with a few)Everymember in the remaining family who comes on SL just do their own thing  and hardly any one in the family meets one another despite the family sim the sim just exists, and the people in it.... they are in different worlds I feel that they just hold on to the name "StarFall" well just cause they had it. And the mother of the family who I contact occasionally said that the family drifted apart over time and she herself didn't seem enthusiastic to continue this also. Now I feel just lonely again, back to square one.

    I know this whole post just seems infernally stupid and trivial ,but thank you all those who read up to this point. So I just have one more thing left, a question to you: what should I do?(meaning should I either just let things go and search for another family, or just stick with it hopefully time or words/effort would bring the family back together to what seemed to me like what was nice?)(or am I just dumb to think like this and its really just selfish and acting needy?)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1970 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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