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i3looddevil Resient (a.k.a DJ Josh Stevenson ) is looking for DJ Job

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Hi my names Josh Stevenson i'm curently looking for a job as a dj.



Name: Josh Stevenson ( i3looddevil Resident)

SL Age: 966 days old

Time Zone: UTC+10:00

Country: Australia

Viewer: Firestorm

Music: 1 Million songs of everything

Can i download songs to play instantly: Yes if they spell it correctly

Do You Have Your Own TipJar: Yes i have a Pulse PLus+ Tip Jar ( Requests, dj info, and right click to tip

My Mic Setup:  2 prong jacks with mute capability

Internet Connection: Wifi

When did i dj. From 2013 to 2014. in my own club


Hours I can work: 2hrs a day



Monday: 8pm to 10pm
Tuesday: 8pm to 10pm
Wednesday: 8pm to 10pm
Friday: 8pm to 10pm
Saturday: 8pm to 10pm
Sunday: 8pm to 10pm

All SLTime


Do I work in any clubs: No i'm searching

What clubs I've worked at:

Blood's DJ Club ( Closed down in 2014)

Primary Language: English


If you guys could give me a chance to prove myself i'm willing to do it for you  I'm hard Reliable and Honest, Reliable and Honest. Just IM i3looddevil Resident ( Josh Stevenson) I will be on all night till 6 am PST.






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