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Prokofy Neva

Vicious Abuse Reports to Flag Items on MP

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As I  noted before, many categorizations in Second Life are really arbitrary precisely because it's a virtual world. There's no more reality to the "candle lighting" than there is to the "bug repellant repelling."

In real life, the pet food section has food, flea collars, toys, etc. Everything is all in one section near each other. 

I don't have to go to a completely different store or a completely different aisle with animal home decor to get, say, a rubber bone for the dog to gnaw on that isn't real but just a toy. It's right there next to the real food for the dog.

That's why your analogy doesn't work.

Since most of my SL mail goes into the spam file routinely, in fact, that's exactly where I look every day for important message. There is no email about these violations. And again, they don't save somewhere on my user panel but fly by.

I'll try to force the update to the settings as you suggest.



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I've seen you mention a few times now that notices, dialog boxes, menus and other things seem to "fly by" on your computer. Some of the incidents you mention I am familiar with, and for me they pause and wait for acknowledgement (by clicking a button or link or some other widget).

I have seen computers that did "fly by" dialogs and menus, and in almost every case the cause was a "keyboard enhancer" or "password keeper" program being run on the computer. At some point in time the program had been given the instruction "when you see an OK button, click it" ... for every site and situation encountered!

Whether the ultimate problem was user error or program error never mattered. In every case where I found the culprit, I was able to stop this "never stops at anything" problem simply by uninstalling the program. Is it possible that you also have a similar situation?

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