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Zekkiel Zerundi

Convergence: The Lost City Seeks Imaginative and Creative RPers

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Website: http://convergence.enjin.com


Story: In 2018, things were looking up for Earth...until a terrorist unleashed D13, a disease developed for the military, and meant to turn armies against themselves -- by causing soldiers to become psychopathic cannibals.  With civilization on the brink of destruction by its own hands, supernatural races emerged from hiding to form a shaky alliance to save humanity. Suddenly, in 2021, the magically protected city of Convergence appears, as if from nowhere.  Refugees and survivors flock to the walled city, but quickly become aware that Convergence may not be as benevolent as they were led to believe.  Now, a year later in 2022, after a brutal city battle involving Celestials, a tentative peace has arrived, allowing angels and demons to settle in the city.  But a new threat has appeared in the form of a comet that crashed down, delivering the hostile Elemental race to the planet.  


About:  With 12 races, dozens of sub-races, 12 factions and dozens of magic classes, mutations, and cybernetic augmentations, Convergence's unique lore will allow you to play a broad range of concepts.  Our story spans genres, from the Steampunk creations of the Ancient Engineers, to the sci-fi inspired Cyborgs, from ancient vampires to modern survivalists, there is much to see and do in Convergence.  Our optional "immersion HUD" will show you the weather and time on the sim.  It will also allow you to participate in our (also optional) slow-growth XP system so that your character can acquire new skills and magic throughout the duration of the story, and reward players for everything from participation in events, to journal-writing.


Races and Subraces Include:  Human, Robot, Cyborg, Mage, Mutant, Merfolk, Drow, Draikana (small dragons), Duergar, Imp, Shifters (wolf and other large carnivores), Vampires, Wraiths, Angels, Demons, Fauns, Centaurs, Satyrs, Minotaurs, and much, much more.  





I hope you'll take the time to come by and meet us at:

SLURL:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wasteland/160/220/1207

See you there!

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