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Mesh bod.. In search of and needing help please.

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So I found the slink mesh body but what others are there? I know TMP but I cant find it. If there's others that are better Id like to know. Id like to keep my Head. I heard there is mesh bodies you can adjust... sorry forgive my noob ness. I wouldn't even be looking if I didn't get quite a bit of guys telling me to change to the mesh bod.. anyways.. If I could get your help Id so appreciate it. I am really a fish out of water here.

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Many of them will look quite different when applied to your own shape.

Demo a few.

I found the marketing images of Belleza Freya, and the images on meshbodyaddicts for same, quite appalling to my sense of style. But its also the body I use everyday. Once I wore it and saw it with my own shape dials, it was perfect for me.

Test your possible choices in many poses to. There's another brand I liked a lot until I tried a sit pose and saw myself from the side, and a third I liked a lot until my AO raised my arms above my head and I saw what happened to the shoulders. And of course, a fourth got discarded when I found I didn't like how it reacted to all my attempts at physics settings... Well actually, that's been my reason for avoiding 3 or 4 different options.


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