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pleasureboi wrote:

MaurizioFurverti wrote:

Rez a pipe. Then rez a semi-sphere. Link the sphere at 90degs to the pipe, colour it pink, and then attach to your crotch, go to some clubs and have your way with the ladies.

You forgot one step... make it shiny!

And wear it above your pants to show the ladies you are ready to go!

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your jokeing me right. look around on say pornhub redtube even youtube if you look hard. (when i am telling you to check them i mean for SL sex) i even got bord and found sl porn.


then come back and you will understand but it is a lot of roleplay and you need to understand how that works but this is also the wrong forum to ask this.



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Madelaine McMasters wrote:

Rhonda Huntress wrote:


I yell and hurl heavy objects.


Clover ain't that heavy.

I missed this before!

No, she isn't; in either life.



Serious reply copied from a previous thread added below.     

Cyberz 101:

You can do a whole scene while dancing in formal attire or sitting on a park bench.  In fact that actually brings a whole new level to play.  "We're doing it in public!"  Only it all happens in IM. Poseballs are not a requirement.

Say what you feel and what you are doing. NEVER tell the other person how they feel.  This is as fast of a mood breaker as there is.  You might come up with the line "/me slowly pulls of his shirt and reveals his hardened abs, making you shiver in excitement." That's a NO.  Say what you feel and what you do but give the other person the opportunity to say how they feel.

Leading on this, it is an interactive story yo build together.  Take turns.  Listen to what your partner says and try to build off of that.

What to Say

Anything you cannot see and is important.  If you are using pose ball, you don't have to say what the poseballs are showing.  Please do say what we should smell, is it exceptionally hot or cold, sounds we need to hear, where you are going with those fingers.

As for how much to say, that depends on the people involved.  Some want just the basics, other want to be more verbose. Ooo and Ahhh are not enough for most people.  /me kisses your ear as she moans at your touch.  Try something like that instead of oooo next time.  You can be much more wordy and creative during the seduction but still try to keep it under 150 to 200 words tops.  When th action rolls, 1 or 2 sentences is usually plenty.  Say how you feel; say what you are doing, then give your partner a chance to reply.

The money shot

If you are able to take things in your own hand at home, expressing your self at the crucial moment is not easy. It's ok to pre-write a few lines and drop them into a gesture triggered by a Function key.  That way you slap one key and your partner knows they did good.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1894 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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