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Looking to meet a ~vampire~ for fun.

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I am a female who portrays herself as a human, and I am looking for a pretty vampire person to hang around with. My preferences are as follows.


1: Speaks good english. 

2: Is a female, or a well groomed and stylish male, with no facial/body hair and no overly large muscle tone. AKA anyone pretty.

3: Not looking for a serious relationship, just a fun companion who can do some private roleplay once in awhile~

4: Good avatar. Preferably a mesh body, or at least one that is well put together. Your overall style can be however you wish, though I personally have a preference for more curvy, gothy types.


Looking for a vampire person specifically because so many of the vampire themed places are always so... Dead. Not even undead, just regular dead. Only one that ever has traffic is Bloodlines, but all those people ever want is someone to farm their hud off of, or to try and get other people into their "family". I don't want that nonsense, just some fun times.

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