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Alexie Vlodovic

Sydney's Rest - Sci Fi RP

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Hey guys and gals,

Just posting up a little something I've put together for my RP that I'm happy to open up to the public for other Role Players to also utilize.

I quite enjoy Sci Fi rp, and I often travel over multiple sims to many different Sci Fi sims to conduct my role plays just to keep things interesting.

I enjoy role playing a pirate/smuggler, however during my travels I've not had a safe haven to call home or a place to hire and/or join a crew. Hence I built Sydney's rest.

The idea behind Sydney's Rest is a safe haven for the likes of Space pirates and smugglers. It's a simple station with basic facilities such as a hangar, a market to trade wares and a cantina.

I'm hoping people will utilize it as an area to meet other like minded players to then go on and develope their own RPs and stories in the far flung reaches of the SL galaxy ;)

Over time I hope to develope the station and add more facilities such as temporary short term accomodation, medical bay and what ever else people suggest to me.

I'm also happy to open up the sim to those that wish to rez their ships and sky boxes for their own personal role play. The Sim is limited to group members only so any of you interested just hit me up in-game for a group invite and the reason behind why you want to build on Sim. I will try to accomodate you as best as I can.

Well that's enough of a rant from me, below you'll find photos and a slurl to the location in SL. Happy pirating!



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