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SO, I have a goal (to earn)...

Don Kobichenko

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SO.. I have a goal. I need 150,000L.

No, I'm not asking for it to be given to me. Of course not.

I am a very skilled scripter and... well I can do meshes pretty well, also (non-rigged. Rigging is a nightmare I have yet to venture deeply into). Ordinarily I make my keep selling information and protoypes on VICE, a very stallwart combat system for which I've mastered, back and front and created expansions and mods. This is my native craftand the thing I love: Weapons R & D. I've been working at that since 2011.

So, why am I here, then? Normally, I sell weapons and weapons research. But business has been slow, of late because the combat communities I frequent are dying of politics and various other ailments.

I've also tried the hired-scripter thing for people from groups, and what I notice is half are people who runoff or reneg on assignments, which wastes time, and the other half want too much for too little. I've wasted many days scripting what's asked of me, endeavoring to finish comfortably before* a stressful deadlineof theirs, because I know all about deadlines and pressure.

Yet, I still require ~150,000 every 3 months or so. This time, especially. It's near Christmas. My Birthday is also coming up I'd like one or both of those not to be lame. And the rent man's a troll. One or all of the above should explain the "why I need* this" part of the question.

So, what I'm proposing is kind of an indenture of servitude. For 150,000. I will work tirelessly to build and script whatever thing or things in the universe (especially if they are weapons! Please be weapons!).. until March of 2016. I will build meshes and mesh parts and script whatever you ask, from the time you pay until the same date.. in March. I might reccomend asking for things you can sell and turn profit with.

No, I will not run off with your money. I have too much dignity as a craftsman and a positive rep to maintain that running off and behaving like a trolly script kiddy would probably not enhance.

I'm looking for someone interested in a "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" arrangement. Whoever can do this for me shall most certainly have their backs scratched.

Please reply here, or contact/notecard me in-world if you are interested in partaking in this arrangement. I am on SL quite frequenty.

Please note that my quote is already stated. I would like to be paid first, for my own peace of mind, before I spend the winter in slavery which, given the first condition is fulfilled, I won't mind whatsoever.

Good day and happy holidays to you all.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2926 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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