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Ban account without giving explanation


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Hello, My Account and that of my daughter there was ban
I sent a tiket as it is written
3:00 more you told me I definitely violaction to ban the tos
I have a trade market and the world
my market and still active
impossible to know which party I tos violates not possible to discuss with someone competant in my language
so I recreated an avatar to my inquiry and again my alt ban and therefore I am ban ip
obliges bypasses the systhème
I did my little investigation and I have come to understand is that this is happening
a person haker my accounts and uses an avatar to make froduleux meffet steals a blue card and paypal
a note circulated or selling it to have made several banish account people who possessed land and the mine again I auvre a tiket and dialogues that person to prove my good time was at my tiket a new farm
This person also boasts
linden are that they ban idiots and not even trying to know
there is damage to the functioning of linden
accounts that stink of hundred dollars ban unfairly without serious investigation and when we want to have a dialogue we find ourselves facing a wall especially if our original language is not English

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Thank you for your reply
as I explained above I have several phone recovery does not speak English I was directed to a contact Cathy France
kathy reponds me what can not do anything
I also sent a letter
I am obliged to complaint is against x
but I'm desperate no answer nobody wants I'm sure no enuete has been done seriously
this person who steal account is still on sl with accounts dating from 8 years
there are moral and financial prejudice
I am very SENTS only

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Accounts can't be hacked but can be compromised if you give someone your password, accept an object then rez it and inadvertently gave permission to debit your account, or you clicked a link that took you to a phishing website. If it is the latter be sure to run a virus checker and anti malware program to rid your computer of anything that it picked up there.

Your account may have been compromised if:

You can't access your account.
You suddenly notice a reduced available balance on the payment source you have on file.

If this happens, contact us immediately!

Here's what to do:

Go to the Second LIfe Help page and log in if you can. If you can't access your account, use the Forgot your login information? link on the right to recover your username and reset your password. Then log in.
On the Second LIfe Help page page, click the Contact Support link on the right.
On the next page, click Submit a a Support Case form.
Under What type of problem are you having?, select Account Issue. A second dropdown appears.
Under Account Issue, select I believe my account has been compromised.
Fill in the rest of the fields as directed.
Click Submit.
Check your email for your case number.
Call our fraud number: 800-860-6990 .

Once you do this, Linden Lab will place your account on hold and investigate the relevant transactions. This may take a few days. Once they have concluded the investigation, they'll send you an email explaining their conclusion and the action they will take. Note that all transactions involving Linden dollars are subject to Linden Lab's Terms of Service.

If you act quickly , like NOW, they may be able to retrieve your money if whoever took it hasn't cashed it out yet. There are no guarantees though as under the TOS you are responsible for keeping your account secure.

Tip: Even if you are able to log into your account, change your password immediately to something secure and unique. Changing your password regularly is one good way to protect the safety of your account.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2936 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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