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Job Openings @ A New Voice Adult Lounge

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Come talk dirty with us in an adult voice sex lounge! It is a pervy hangout for adults of any kind who like to talk dirty, flirt publicly and be sexy. You'll find all the like-minded, kinky, and good looking people you've been searching for! Voice is preferable.
We're having our grand opening and we're looking for members! Have the opportunity to be the first pioneers on the job. All beginners are welcome. We are looking for the following:
Event Planners
Must advertise around the inworld, forums, list events.
Do and suggest every possible way to build more fun & traffic to the place.
Send notices on the groups
Pick a certain schedule, and host, entertain the members of the group, have fun and talk!
Frequent advertisements will be notified to members in public.
Hosts events, just basically keep the vibe alive and kinky!
Voice is a must, if you cannot voice then please do not apply for this.
Freelance Strippers
In need of some immediate money? Think you can RP? Want to set up your own charging rate?
Be a freelance stripper, no escorting will be taken.
Voice is preferable but you can still apply without.
Payment: Pay is negotiable, experienced may offer more pay.
For any inquiries, please contact:
akazumi2012 or i3loodDevil
Hop On Aboard and be a part of us!

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