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A very simple bit of mesh for a privet hedge

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I want a simple bit of mesh for making a hedge. Basically a wall, but with four beveled edges between the top, sides and bottom of the wall, but not beveled at the ends. So, two opposite faces of the 'cube' without bevels. That way, when I stretch it out to fit, I don't get a stretched out bevel at the wall ends. I can do flat walls myself but I prefer to spend my time scripting that figuring out blender.

I'm trying not to spend money, but I'll trade for a fatpack of my free-roaming Horny Rats (or anything you want from my store): https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Horny-Rats-Plague-of-Rats-FatRatPack/7152708

The 'cube' should have six faces, which are easily texture-aligned from one side to the other. I only need copy/mod perms. Can it be done in 0.5 LI (like the all-beveled one I have) so I can link them and save a few? My hedge texture works perfectly at one repeat per metre if that makes any difference. ETA: Also, it should not vanish when I'm at the other end of my garden (156m away).

I have a picture of a mesh cube that's beveled all around to show the sort of thing I'm after (minus the end bevelling), and what I want to avoid in the second picture.

Any help, please? :)




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Thank you very much - that works really well. I wasn't expecting a single face for top and sides but it works like that, more easily. I don't have to line the textures up.

I should have been a bit clearer though and said "four beveled edges between the top, sides and bottom". Please could you do another with the bottom of the hedge beveled too? It looks better like that, sat a touch above the ground rather than flat onto the ground. The flat ends are perfect, just what I wanted.

Let me know what I can send you from my store, if you want something other than a load of troublesome rats that is.

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