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i want to sell land

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Land bots dont steal anything.  If you set the land very cheap they will buy it. Currently i think they buy land that is under 0.5L$/m2.

Just put a price that is good for you and wait for someone to buy it. If you dont want to wait or get bored waiting, you can set the price enough low for the land bot to buy it. This will happen in a second or 2. You dont get good money this way but it is better than abandoning the land and getting nothing.

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Kerias wrote:

thx for the answers!


but anyone know where i can find people who want to buy land... or services or companys that help me sell the land in sl?




Once you set your land for sale, it will appear on the map in yellow with a $ over it.  Anyone who has set their map to see these 'for sale' parcels will see it.  You can also tick the 'Show place in Search' box under Land > Options for L$30/week.   It is also a good idea to put your information in a Classified (through your Classified tab in your profile) with a photo of the parcel and the LM (you need to set this up as you are standing on the parcel for sale).

How did you find the parcel that you now wish to sell?  Think of that and mirror it.  Good luck!

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You can set the land to Show in Search in the About Land tab.

In your Profile under Picks you can add a photo of the land and any selling information.

In the Classified tab you can advertise the land.

You could Create a Group to advertise.

Visit places where Residents gather.

Join a Land listing/sales group.

Sell it to a Bot, send an IM to a land buyer and ask for a offer.


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Kerias wrote:

I bought some linden land trought the auctions..

 but now i want to sell, how i do it??


I wish you the very best of luck selling your land. Land prices at the moment are pretty much the lowest they've been for years. There's a quarter of my sim listed unrealistically at > L$6/m but actually only ever sold in the last year at L$1/m or less.

Check the land sales listings for the current pricing to get a feel for what the market will bear. Does your land have protected sides? Road or waterway frontage? Unique geography? Just a plain old piece of 'flat green'? See what the going rates are and price your land accordingly. If it's a large parcel it might be a good idea to chop it into smaller 1024 / 2048 / 4096 sqm parcels.

Remeber that you'll still have to pay tier on your land until [and including] the billing cycle month that it's sold. Depending on the size of your land parcel and selling price / value there eventually comes a point where, if you can't sell it, it will be cheaper to simply abandon your land than to continue holding it. That said, I hope you manage to find a buyer before you're faced with that decision.

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