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RPer Wanted - Position with pay (200L pw)

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This Rper or Rpers could be male or female. There are places for you both.

As a male character you would play as a family guard to the Lady of the House; as a female character, you would play as a handmaiden to the Lady of the House, a friend, confidante and lover. You are mostly free to have your own side-stories and background so long as it fits properly into the story. We can create one together, if you like. There is the option of romance in both of these story-lines, the only difference would be your other day to day permittable activities. Obviously as a handmaiden, you cannot wear full armor and carry weapons at all times. As a guard, you cannot be publiclly close to the Lady.

Respond here or message me In-World to start today!

Both roles come with one full outfit customization of your choice. And a new one each week, as I do so for myself each week and I love to shop for others.



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