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Ah mah lawd avoid Skrill like the plague.

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I have been using Skrill to do process credits for the last few months.  Today I got a letter from them in the mail to verify my address.

It had a little code in it, that's cool.  So I went to enter the code and got stuck in a loop.

So I tried calling the number on the letter and got nothing but a busy signal. 3 times.

So I submitted a ticket on their website, and they closed it with no action.

So I called them twice on the number on their site.  They told me to take pictures of a utility bill and my DL and email it to them.

I did so, and they froze my account.  I live in a rural area and can only have a PO Box, and since I only have a PO BOX, they won't let me use the account and froze it.

Thank god I was able to stop the last process credit I had set up.  I dunno, it just seems a bit shady.

Their customer service is in Bulgaria of all places.  I am terrified.  I think LL should cease doing business with them.

They have my debit card number and bank account numbers. I am scared to death.



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So, skrill is your X now....hhhm. No, really I beleive you. It is crazy, they are all paranoid about who is who on the net. With bitcoing you would think bad guys would not bother using Skrill. Skrill had a confusing site, I never did find out much about them and couldn't figure out if I needed software installed to use it or not.

Looks like they remained strangely not very up front and didn't help you out by telling you no PO Boxes and if you where a bad guy you would have used it for a while and did all kinds of bad stuff anyway lol. Is it so hard to just filter out PO Box addresses? No, it is first year programming; text "parsing" and matching isn't rocket science lol.

Well, I hope it all works out well for you and maybe a bank account connection is the better way to go. If I did, I would want a seperate account for online and SL stuff, just in case something goes wrong. Local banks should be more understanding.

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