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Extrude Ragu

Offline-rez rights not working at all.

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Ok so, scratch my previous thread, offline rez-rights do not appear to be working at all, which is a showstopper for the development of my Experience as it depends on being able to rez HUDs to attach to visitors of the sim along with the rezzing of rooms etc.

My JIRA: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-10520

llRezObject Wiki: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlRezObject

Following the LSL Wiki closely, I deeded my land to my group (of which I created/remain in owner role), and deeded my object rezzer also to the group.

The rezzer is not only deeded to my group but it's group is also set to my group. In my land settings, I have tried both setting to 'Everyone' and 'Group' - Neither work.

The script is set to Mono and using my Experience also..


Please can someone investigate this, this is a huge showstopper!!


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I also have such problem with a rezzer under Experience. But not all time, some days it works, some days not. The rezzer is deeded to land group but the land is not set to "group can rez".

Another rezzer i have on same land but not compiled for experience (only the object it rezzes is) never fails.

When group can rez on the land (wholegroup, not just a role) rezzer just need t be set to group and not deeded.

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