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TammyTgurl Umaga

I wrote a song

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It is called "Hey Hey Phucking Market place"

Hey Hey Market place !

I ran my reports today!

what made me sick was it was 33 pages thick!

25 pages are looking great ,too bad its from 2008!

(chorus: Not eeevvveeeennnn iinn mmmmy inventory seance 2009!)

My new products sell great ,to bad all my reports for them do not update...

(chorus: They must buy them with out having to viiieeeewww ttthhheemmm in searccchhh)

Hey Hey i got a related product I like to add ,search products 26 pages of boxes I do not even have.
(chorus: Or have sold or kept in market place inventory or av inventory in 7 yearsssss)

OK my song writing is bad but still better then market place reports!

I have to pine threw pages of product taken off the shelf and out of inventory and my listings inventory  for years and years and years..... and my reports never update for new products all with 0 searches and views but selling a little of each every day..How do they find and buy it if its not viewed in search?

Is it just me or do others have this,I hate old stuff on there and every year take out slow sellers or if my branding changes so dose every box and product.I just like a clean looking shop and no pages of old stuff.

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