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Are You a Member of the Recently Unlanded Gentry?

Prokofy Neva

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Have you abandoned your land because the tier is too high? Do you fear hanging on to land when Project Sansara is coming? You can't get SL working half the time? And you miss your SL heirlooms that have been in the family for years?

On your left, the prim Edwardian Medicine Cabinet by Paddy Wright, weighing in at 255 prims! On your right, the mesh Artisan Fantasy Portable Apothecary, at 12 Land Impact. Must we choose?

Don't be dejected, we have a place for you! You can make yourself at home in our beautiful Bed & Breakfast rooms -- with skyboxes attached! -- on the lovely Grote Pond. For just $50/50 if you mention this ad, you can place your precious prim antiques around you once again!

We're not afraid of prims. I'm the kind of person that doesn't hesitate to put out an 68-prim pitcher of hydrangeas by Caliandris Pendragon (next to Jim Lumiere's 30-prim Coronet coffee service):


Come and see SL Legacy B&B where some of SL's greatest craftsmen's works are on display!

Gothic Rosewood Dining Room Table by jauani Wu

We also have  Mesh Transition Program where you can slowly adjust to the best mesh items in rooms decorated with the latest creations.

Teleport to Room 8 on Grote B&B West

Room 8 at Grote B&B West - Gatcha rares by Zaara and Circa; interactive painting easel by LunarTripsa

Stockholm attic loft by Barnesworth Anubis -- skyroom attached to Room 8.

Here's Room 14 at Grote B&B South with Earendil Lowenhart's ancient wizard table and Minerva's trundle bed by noctis along (I've left out the scorpion jar but as to put it back if you want!). with May's rare staff and and DaD design ottomon chairs with accents by Soy.



Wait until you see the attached sky home you  can teleport to from your room!

Hanging bed by junk and autumn pond by Felix.

Or ask to have all the furniture removed and your rental reset to $100/100 so you can decorate as you please.

Pay at the Flamingo Court office so you don't have to look at a rental cube.

Hate being stacked up in rentals that have only one radio channel?  Each room comes with its own dedicated Shoutcast radio where you get hundreds of stations to chose from.

You'll be on the ground here in glorious geograpical contiguity! Set your draw distance as high or low as you like. There is plenty to see and do here -- feed the ducks, boat and fish, go swimming, hike in the Lost Gardens of Slosser and have a picnic there or in the Grote River campgrounds.

You can also use all the facilities at the Flamingo Court Hotel -- heated pool, sauna and lounge!


We have a home for you!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2541 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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