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Strangers in your house

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Big no no or do you welcome it?

Have always been a little fan of the Linden homes since most of the houses are always occupied, so you always have neighbors. Maybe I got a peeker mindset, but i love walking around seeing people have done to their cookie cutter housing.

I respect the Do not enter signs, but if no one is home and nothing is locked, i might pop inn to look.

I always leave my house open for any peekers or anyone curious what the houses look like on the inside. 

So was just wondering what the general thought was, how do you feel about it?

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I've not invested in having a Linden home, but I have visited those places just to check things out, and I also am guilty of letting myself in to look at other people's stuff once in a while. If it is not your intent to bother others, but mere curiousity that drives you, I really don't think it is such a big deal. I would commonly leave the doors and windows open of whatever house I have rented, especially during this time of year. I put up Halloween decorations and signs inviting people to candy last year, and freebie presents under my Christmas tree in the yard later. That was actually really fun to do.

I have also rented land and homes and had breakins by trolls, though. In those cases I've always been really cool with them, and attempted to keep happy and see things from their perspective (they're just being stupid most times, so whatever). It may be rude to come bumbling into private space, especially in the hopes to bother people,  but when I see how people feed into trolling behavior by getting really angry it almost seems more ridiculous than the initial breakin. Anyway, in comparison, having someone secretly look around your place when you're not there is still a lot more pleasant than trolls trying to make you blow your lid in person.

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The TOS states that a landowner has all the right to decide who can go on their property or not.

You don't know how the owner may feel about uninvited people unless they put in the land description that all are welcome.  If the owner comes home and finds you snooping around their house you may be in for some unpleasantness.

You can cam into a house if no one is at home and you are interested in how it's set up, but there is no need to go into the home itself.  You wouldn't do that in RL would you? 

I don't live in a Linden House, but do have a home in SL.  Personally I find it creepy to arrive home to find an uninvited stranger in my house.

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I live in a Linden Home. I keep my windows and doors open unless I want privacy, in which case I lock and close the windows. Personally, I'd kind of be more than happy if someone took a peek at my home. The land is so empty most of the time, I really doubt many see it. But I put work into it and it kind of makes me sad that I can't really share it with many. I'm still doing a lot more work, but one of my favorite things about it is this slideshow picture I put on my wall which shuffles through pictures of my cats. I also have this really calming bell chime in my home which I find so soothing. I made it so you can't hear it off my land (I was so embaressed to learn that for MONTHS I had it set so you could hear it outside. Wow. I wonder if I annoyed neighbors!)

Honestly, I take a peek at other homes in the neighborhood. I never, ever peek when people are home though.

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