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It's a much-debated subject, and it's really impossible to say. As far as I know, there has never been a properly controlled survey taken of avatar heights. If anyone wants to start collecting the data, I'm about 5' 6".

The next bit is entirely my subjective experience. Most avatars are taller than is typical for RL humans. This tends to be more prevalent among male avatars than female. That's to say, I see more female avatars close to my relatively short (for SL) height than I do male avatars, even allowing that male avatars would be somewhat taller. Many male avs tower over me at well over six feet. There has been a trend toward more realistic heights in female avs that male avs don't seem to be following. Make your own guesses as to why.

The most diplomatic way I can think to put it is that no-one is too short or too tall, just that the range of heights in SL is much larger than RL.

I predict that if this thread takes off, there will be a number of variations on the theme of "SL is not RL so why do we have to follow RL heights" and "Who are you to tell me how tall my av should be?". Someone will possibly attempt to make the point that SL metres aren't the same as RL metres. The question of realistic proportions vs realistic height will likely be revisited.

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on all the times i played I have been about 1.65-1.75m on the editor

i was about average height the 1st time 

the second time I was squiddy compared to like everyone

then the 3rd time petites had come out, and people had started to downsize normal avatars as well. So still squiddy but not the squiddiest like before

then I notice this time that is quite a lot of people shorter than me now

so I dont worry about it


but yes like you say. Some guys just max the sliders bc boss. If you try keep up height wise then you will get stumpy little arms like they have

i wouldnt worry about it if I was you. Just be what you want and be happy. If some guy says to you that it feels like dancing with their little sister then just say that is not every day you get to dance with a 8feet giant

not counting his head. jejjeje (:


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My avatar's height is in general as tall as most female avatars I meet, which is to say the height I think most males should be if they were thinking realistically. Out of a compulsion to look the most muscular and macho I feel many other dudes slide that height bar to the max, never taking into consideration that height =/= masculinity. Overcompensation is one way to think about it (no offense to all of you tall dudes out there, but luckily in SL height is a choice, not something you're born with).

Anyway, seeing as how many guys won't be willing to play around with their appearance any more than they already have, you might just need to get some nice platform shoes next time you go dancing xD

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