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looking for family rp community


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Hi there


Im looking for a family roleplay community where I can live and roleplay as a buisness owner . I need a lot for my business

around 40x30m

It's a pretty unique business in the community , trucking ! ...you don't need a trucking company you say?

does your community have shops , grocery stores ...gas stations ? of course it does , and they just get magical invisible deliveries huh ...not very realistic for the folks that roleplay as gas station managers and store owners is it ?

aside from trucks , my business also has cabs and school buses ...home delivery of milk and even postal delivery if needed its really a transportation all in one.

im willing to pay for my lot for my buisness or share prims from home (rent 1000 prim home use 500 at each)

post up your Landmarks and tell me about your town ....and go !!!!!

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Hello Diesel,

Fairfield County is a unique sim that may meet your needs.  It is a 5 sim residential, light roleplay community that is working on expanding and ecompassing the needs of its residents.  A trucking company would be an interesting business to have brought in; you see, the main sim is the residential area.  Of course citizens could utilize your trucking services just like UPS or FedEx to get big objects delivered to their home, espeically with the holidays coming.  Also, there are a few small commercial builds on the main sim too that could need deliveries too, depending on their tenants needs.  

To the east of the primary residential sim lies a national forest, with campsites, cabins, ranger stations, park welcome center and the future home to the Fire Department and the Department of Public Works building.  I'm certain logging trucks, delivery trucks and the sorts could be used there too.

South of the residential sim is a Mall for the owner's Second Life businesses.  In fact, there is a delivery terminal on the backside of the mall that is already setup for trucking deliveries and shipping needs.  This also is the home to the Sheriff's Office.

West of the Mall area is a coastal residential and then light commercial area with a carnival/fair/amusement park.  Here is where I'd go look at renting a location for your trucking company, maybe in the SOHO district.  It will also have a museum/art gallery when the modifications to the sim are complete.  (It is currently under redesign).

Two sims west of the mall is the heavy commercial area with an airport, gas station, and home to the possible future college campus and art deco canal being custom built by our resident mesh expert.  

I think you'll agree that the sim has the potential to be your next home.  So I encourage you to stop by, look for a home and contact myself, David Admiral or Faye Blackheart about finding you a place for your trucking company!  We look forward to seeing you soon!


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2196 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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