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Aditi issues taking old password not updating. It is doing it again

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Yes unfortunately you do. The Aditi password & inventory sync is broken. Until it gets fixed you will need to file a JIRA issue requesting that your password & inventory get synced over to Aditi.

As far as I'm aware LL support still cannot perform the sync, it has to be requested on a JIRA issue.

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I see that on my last report is says unresolved. Do I file a "new" one?

And why can they not fix it? This should greatly affect the spending I do as I am investing in full perm items on the marketplace. I think creators of full perm items may be affected by this eventually. What a hassels to have to file a report every time? Linden Labs should truly be embarrassed about this. None intelligent enough to fix or update the server code?

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No, actually you already have an issue at https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-10301 which is in "Needs more info" state.

So click the "Info provided" button on your JIRA issue and it will fall back into their triage queue.

This is what Grumpity told them to do on issue https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-10378 when they needed to be synced again.


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Well I do not recall seeing a green button for file a ticket in your last answer Caleb. I did however file a new bug (did the best I could at that link) Whirky directed me elsewhere after I submitted it:

Whirly Fizzle added a comment - 06/Nov/15 9:52 AM

The account syncing on beta grid is still broken.
Linden Lab support can now fix this though, so instead of filing a new JIRA issue each time you change password, you need to file a support ticket at https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ and request for your inventory/password to be synced over to Aditi.

So I am at that link he showed me and there is NO PLACE to ask nor request inventory/password to be synced over to Aditi.

SINCE this is a reoccuring issue should you not have a special place easier so that this "pass it to another"/ pass them to another page" BS stops?

btw I was told a few months ago to file a Jira report so where are we now on all this??



Oh and I commented back to Whirly:

Adumelial Rothstein added a comment - 06/Nov/15 5:06 PM

There is no place to request this at the link you gave me. Unless you can give me a 1...2...3...

Besides that in the forums Caleb Linden told me to come here.

Really this is getting to be a pass it to another issue. Leaving us the residents not knowing what issue to tag it as, or who is to fix it.

Whirly you are going to have to tell me at that link WHAT fields to fill in?? And where can I request(which box that has a fill in) for my inventory/password to be synced over to Aditi?


I am going to go to premium now live chat since you all are totally confusing the heck out of this.
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Looks like it's finally fixed!

See Simon Linden's comment on https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-10643


Simon Linden added a comment - 09/Nov/15 6:46 PM - edited

We just rolled out a new update mechanism - please log into the Aditi beta grid using your old password. Overnight your inventory should be merged from the main grid. This will happen after each day you log onto the beta grid, and new additions on your main inventory will be available on the beta grid the following day.

Please let us know if that doesn't work.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1785 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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