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Morgan Mansion Returns ! October 01 Through Halloween !

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Morgan Mansion is back and better than ever Thaddeus, Annabelle, Captain Augustus and the crew of The Storm Maiden are looking forward to Your Visit !

Explore Morgan Mansion for as long as you can stand it, for the place is not for the faint of heart. Bring your friends, look for clues, listen, observe, think.

A Short Story of Morgan Mansion;

The Morgan's had it made ! Social Standing, Wealth and Power, until one fateful night.

Annabelle was excited as she read the telegram, daughter Haley was coming home ! Haley ran away when the carnival came through a few years ago, but now she is coming to visit.

Annabelle had mixed feelings though. Haley is bringing the man who whisked her away from the family and convinced her to join the carnival. She was not sure about him, but they will make it any turmoil that may occur~ or will they ?

Can you or your group solve the mystery and find out what happened to the Morgans ?

But not only is there a mystery to solve for You and Your Friends, there is opportunity !  

That's Right, You can be a spook working in Morgan Mansion ! Work in one of the themed areas or be a roaming spook scaring the guests as you go !

Fix yourself up to be as scary as you can be, then log into the tip jar of your choice. You receive 90% of any tips paid to that jar and the venue gets the other 10 %.

Slots are open for the following roles;

Thaddeus Morgan~Master of the House and Patriarch of the Morgan Family. Once a stately gentleman, it is kinda hard to look at him for too long,,,,,after what happened. He is stationed in the mad scientist lab on the top floor

Anabelle Morgan~A Lovely Lady * cough cough * Lady of the house and Matriarch of the Morgan Family. She is stationed on the first floor.

Suzanna Morgan~The youngest daughter of Thaddeus & Anabelle,  beautiful young lady although she is a bit ghostly now. A roaming role.

Haley Morgan~The oldest daughter of Thaddeus & Annabelle. She ran away with the carnival a few years ago, but has since returned.
(Harley Quinn Style Role)

Captain Augustus Morgan~A Seafaring Man, Captain of the Storm Maiden, and the brother of Thaddeus, or he was until that fateful night. A roaming role.

Neal O'Neil~Haley & Neal ran together in the carnival and they are ery devoted to each other. Annabelle finally convinced Haley to come home, even if for nothing more than a visit. She did and brought Neil with her.
(Joker Style Role)

The Crew Of The Storm Maiden~They fought a good fight that fateful night ! Roaming roles.

Vincent The Groundskeeper~He was the first to be bitten. A roaming role.

As You can see, plenty of roles are to be had. You can also create Your Own role, coming as You would like to scare the guests ! Suggestions for new roles to add to the storyline are always welcome. Just drop a card with the details of the role to Buckspeed Karu. Happy Halloween & Hope to see You soon !



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2678 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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