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[3dsmax] Trouble with large avatar

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So I've almost finished an avatar project, but I want to include a large size option for my customers, since bears usually tend to be big and strong.

To achieve that, I figured the easiest way is to create both upsized body meshes (easy and working fine) and to make a deformer to scale the skeleton, to avoid certain issues involving alpha scripting and meshes with joint offsets stored in them (glorious SL, something I had to figure out the hard way during this project).

This second part is hard though. My first attempt involved scaling up everything (body mesh and skeleton) to 150% size in 3dsmax. I then made a small box, and rigged every bone to it with a small influence. This box was then exported into SL, with the joint position flag set in the importer. But it does nothing to influence the skeleton at all.

The second attempt was to then use Bone Tools in max to reset the scaling on all my bones - rather, dummy objects acting as bones - which had me believe it should now actually understand that the bones are 150% the normal size.

Instead, now when I import, the deformer blows my avatar up to roughly 100 times its size rather than just 1.5 times.

I should mention that for some reason, the skeleton I work with had to be scaled extensively, to about 10.000% to fit in the metric system (using meters for display and centimeters as unit setup as advised by the wiki page). However SL was fine to that, yet scaling it to essentially 15.000% did nothing to influence the deformer. Yet resetting the scale somehow just makes it explode into a 100 times as large skeleton, despite all the readings on the bone positions reading sensible values.


At this point I'm stumped. What I want to achieve seems very straightforward and simple, yet at the same time, I have no idea what else I could possibly try. I have a nice skeleton with reset scaling, everything is in its proper place and yet - SL utterly hates dealing with it and decides it needs to be way too big.


So my question is this: How DO I scale up a skeleton in 3dsmax the proper way, given the information I provided?

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1822 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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