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child looking for a loving parent(s)

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                                Hi, i'm Little Rose and i'm 7 years old and my favorite color is purple.

I'm a shy girl but I love to play and swing ^^ And i like going different place too. Like,like the beach or woods or anywhere really -giggle-...i've been looking for a family who loves me so i hope i will find someone soon .Untill then i guess i'll just play by myself ^^


If you are interested in adopting this little girl please IM me at LilWhiteRose or reply. Thanks ^^

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hi rose, am princess and am a little one of 2 on SL. Finding a family can be real hard however there are several super cool adoption agences in SecondLife. I will im you with their names and provide landmarks.

That should help.

Careful you don't fall in love too fast though, and find someone that matches you and your times on SL.


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