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Looking for a Business Partner (Sales/Marketing)

Villain Baroque

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Are you interested in becomming an (almost) equal partner in an established business with over 1'000 exclusively and originally products? All the products are created by me - no "out of the box" or  Reseller stuff.

Due to the RL death of my SL partner the position of Sales & Marketing Manager is vacant.

No money needed - I need your time and devotion to the job and not your money!
This is an opportunity for you to earn money not some scam to get your money.

I don't pay wages. If you are looking for an employment search at other places. You profit from the success of the business.

Your job


  • Promotion of the business.
  • Communicate with our group (> 600 members)
  • Relationship to the press in SL.
  • Search words and Search Ranking in SL.
  • Maintain the marketplace.
  • Anything else you can think of to further sales


What you should offer

Ample time:

2 to 3 hours per day minimum on average.

Experience in Second Life:

Minimum one year, two is better.


A fluent use of the english language, a second major language is welcome.

Sexual orientation:

Your sexual orientation is yours. Our customers are straight, gay, lesbian - whatever they like and I expect you to have no prejudices against any form of sexual orientation whatever your personal preferences may be.

What I would like you to offer (open to discussion)


My timezone is GMT +1. A certain compatibility of our timezones  seems obligatory.


Most of our customers are female.  Since I am male myself I would prefer to have a business partner who can provide the female view on life.

State of mind:

Open minded - fun loving - no drama queen - not depressive

Overall you should be a happy person with a positive view on life


While your relationship in SL  is basically none of my business, I deem it difficult to maintain a long-term SL partnership and be successful in business as well. You may convince me otherwise.

Secondary obligations:

Cheer me up when I feel down - I will do the same for you of course. Sometimes a distraction from business is needed to stay successful.  A visit to a club, ballroom, concert, party can work wonders to restore the batteries of creativity. Join me.

What I offer


  • A grown business (founded in 2007) on two homestead sims owned by me.
  • 40% of the revenues after tier and marketing expenses as soon as we get profitable again and right from the beginning.
  • After a successful trial period of three months I would like to make this a permanent agreement.


Next steps


If I sparked your interest, the next two steps are yours to make.


Visit my sims "Rockje" and "Villain". Have a look around. See what I created and what I sell.  Get a first impression of the business.

First Contact:

Please drop me a notecard. No prior IM please.

In the notecard you should provide the following information:

• Tell me a bit about you and your Second Life

• What has been your most positive and what has been your most negative experience in SL?

• Why do you think you are the right person for this.

• Give me a rough idea of what you would like to change in the existing business, where would you like to focus first in your sales efforts?

• Questions you want me to answer before we proceed.

Second Contact:

If you sparked my interest with your notecard I will contact you for a further in-world discussion.




Well, if you like my creative mind and I like your drive this may be  "the beginning of a long friendship".

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4858 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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