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Problem with paypal, please help.

Sierra Oskar
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you can't compare other sites to sl, sl has it's own standards for payments.

Did you verify your PP with CC or bankaccount?... if the last one is the case it's possible your bank doesn't support direct withdraw of the funds and sl possibly wont accept it.

What you could try is add a amount to the paypal account and try if it works than.

Still not? contact billing/support

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I had this issue a while back. Try this:

a) Log in to pay pal.

b) Go to settings (upper right hand corner)

c) Go to Preapproved Payments

d) Find Linden Research, Inc

d) Raise the payment authorization from the default of $250.00 to something higher.


This may help if you are trying to pay for things on SL and the payment should be going through.

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