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Boy shapes


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Hello, it is four ways to achieve this look:

  1. Get an overly muscular shape that you like the face on and who is modify. Go into Editing Appearance (Rightclick your avatar, then appearance and edit shape) and take in all the body parts you think is too big. Like, muscles, body width, neck thickness, shoulder width and so on. When you are done, save as "New thin shape" for example.
  2. Get a premade shape from the Marketplace by using search words like teen, bishonen,  boi, slender and so on... Narrow your search in the left menu to avatar components, avatar shapes, male avatar shapes. Buy what you can like and afford. I recommend that you always try the demo unless it is a free shape. Also make sure it is modify, you will probably make small adjustments in the future.
  3. Search google for TMP male mesh body. I am sure the avatars you show is not the default ones, but expensive mesh ones. The price on a body like this is 5000L if you will use other clothes than TMP with it.
  4. Search for Slink male mesh body. This will cost you 1250 L, but you have to buy the hands and feet too unless you want the default ones. That is 450 + 675 L. Many say this body will take over the market from TMP and I agree. It is much cheaper, and the TMP business model is less customerfriendly and creatorfriendly. 


Make sure you read blogs and reviews. A mesh body is expensive and you need to learn how to use it. This blog has some reviews: http://meshbodyaddicts.com/mesh-body-reviews/mens-bodies/slink-physique-male/ 

http://meshbodyaddicts.com/mesh-body-reviews/mens-bodies/tmp-mens-body/ It looks more muscular in this review, but that is due to the underlying shape. 



Remember that the muscles like sixpacks is drawn on the skin. Even if you take in the muscle mass of the shapes, the sixpack will still be there if it is drawn on the skin. This is also the TMP, and you can see that it is similar to the look you want: http://www.teleporthub.com/group-gifts/vida-male-body-tattoo-with-tmp-appliers-group-gift-by-reckless/

Finally.... I think the avatars you link to has the TMP mesh head too. It will set you back a hefty amount of L too. Plus the cost of skin appliers for mesh bodies unless you use the default ones.




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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2686 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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