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Harm Foehammer

BREEDING BARN ... wants YOU !!!

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Be welcome to explore the beast in your angle.

Far off the road and you took the wrong turn or .. maybe they just got you and you ended at their Barn, to prepare you for your new purpose ... to breed.

Roleplay and Sex without Limits (except child/age play), what else can you ask for. YOU decide how far you will go. Will you give it all up ? Will you only have a hot scene ? Do you want to own your own HuCow or HuBull or does your slave need a lesson and you want to rent her/him temporary to a Breeding Barn ? Possibilities are endless.


We need some dedicated people who want to take charge

Vets (we use Mama Allpa)

and also HuCows and HuBulls who want to be available for the incoming stream of visitors.

We offer a brand new isolated barn for all your fantasies breeding fantasies.

Our Rules are simple:

1. No Child Avies/No Age Play .. never ever
2. No Griefing
3. No Weapons
4. Respect fellow players
5. Do NOT disturb ongoing scenes and roleplay
6. Do NOT misuse Mama Allpa
7. Put your beast back in a stall when you have done.
8. Be an Adult in OOC ... you choosed to enter by your free will after all.
9. Who is naked is available for breeding purposes
10. Who is dressed is always superior, no matter of gender.

Group Membership (10 L$) is not required to enter, but most of our kinky stuff is set to group, so it is up to you to decide.


Please contact Harm Foehammer for all your questions and please, send a Notecard as i am crashing a lot and your IMs would be lost.

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