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Hanayuu Okiya Is Seeking Geiko/Geisha Trainees


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❁Okiya Name: Hanayuu 

❁Owner/Okaasan: Geiko Chayuu (bridgit5.resident)

❁This okiya represents the Kamishichiken district of Kyoto.

❁Type: Highly Traditional

❁Okiya Ranks: Aspirant-Shikomi-Minarai-Junior Maiko-Senior Maiko-Geiko

❁Geiko are women of art that focus largely on learning things such as music,dance,and conversation. 

❁Applicants should note that training takes many years. In our okiya you may need to purchase books and other information on Asian culture and the geiko/geisha world. This is not something we provide finanacial aide for.

❁The okiya DOES provide finanacial aide (second life aide) for students that reach the shikomi stage of training.

❁The okiya accepts three new trainees at a time. If a trainee leaves the okiya or becomes a geiko/geisha a new slot is opened for a trainee. 

General Rules

❁Applicants must be at least 18 years of age in real life. They must also be real life female. 

❁Applicants should be aware this job is all encompassing. Once a trainee is enmeshed inside of the culture it is expected they act and behave a set way.Most can not use the same account for other roleplay or outside work.

❁Applicants can not be part of another okiya or be involved in any sexual based services.

❁Applicants may not have a partner listed on their profie. All profiles need to be family friendly, and will likely be changed to fit the okiya's needs and look.

❁Applicants need to be prepared to assist with their own finanaces. While the okiya at times can cover full expenses their are cases where real life or something else interferes.

❁Applicants should be able to work around the EST time zone or slt+3 hours. We are often most active in the evening hours. 

❁Applicants should be able to come online frequently throughout the week and set time aside for lessons and studying.


❁Trainees that have full financial coverage from the okiya can expect tips will go back to the okiya to pay for your expenses. Most will not make a full wage until after they become geiko when only a percentage (usually 15%) of all tips and booking fees will go to the okiya.

❁Trainees with only partial okiya assistance may receive a portion of their tips. At least 50% of their tips and private booking fee is given back to the okiya. 

❁Those trainees covering their own finanacial needs only provide a stipend of 10% of all private event bookings and tip fees to the okiya. They usually maintain their own tip jar at events and get to keep the remainder.

❁As a side note only geiko or fully trained members make a profit off their private booking fee. Maiko and younger members are expected to give the booking fee to the okiya. Young trainees can ask the Okaasan to okay a private booking but, can not accept without permission first.

Please contact the Okaasan (bridgit5.resident) if you are interested in joining our okiya. Thank you.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2696 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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