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Red Hair

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You can look at this blog, it is for hairstyles SL. https://hairsl.wordpress.com/

It covers mostly new listings -  gifts and events. But it will give you an idea about the different designers style. If you see the description "packs", it will be at least one pack of "reds". Some have fades, naturals and several combinations too. Free hair is usually only the color shown, unless it says different.

Note the entry for September 13. Lamb hair, slurl at the bottom of the post, a 100L group fee. But the hair is a fat pack with all colors offered. It is worth going there and try a demo.

The entry September 8, slurl to Collabor 88, a monthly event. All hairs shown is in packs, teleport over and try on the demos if you see a hairstyle you like.

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I normally wear red hair in SL, Besom, Truth, Exxess, Analog Dog, Alice Project, Tameless, Little Bones, to name but a few options.


Alice Project is particularly uszeful if you are new, as they have a group gift and a midnight mania, and a mini mania, and a lucky letter, giving you several ways to aquire a free hair, usually with a coloring hud.

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