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Why in the ever living **bleep** there is no option to RELOG.

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I have no idea why you're ranting or what this is about. It's not productive for you to project your anger - if you're suffering stress from this issue, you might consider taking a break and catching some fresh air.

The viewer only says "contacting new region" after the viewer begins a teleport (those running RLV can be teleported without prior notification).

If your teleports are failing - which it kinda sounds like? - you should pay careful attention to your connection and be sure to keep things flowing freely. Follow this guide if you need help in this. If this isn't your problem, post more useful information and less blahblah.

In any case, fixing your underlying issue will be more productive than demanding new buttons be added to the viewer.

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Hi Rhyfel,

We're residents, just like you. So, asking "why" questions isn't likely to get you anywhere. We don't know why LL does anything.

If you are crashing a lot, it's often the result of connection troubles. Nalates Urriah has helpful hints for improving your connection here...


If connection problems are preventing your viewer from connecting to a region, then it's not really correct to say that the viewer crashes and disconnects you. It's the other way around, the inability to connect is probably causing the crash. There's no way to avoid having to repeat the connection process if it's failed, and only those assets not found in the viewer cache will be reloaded.

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When asking for help give us information on yur viewr, drivers, and computer. Use he viewer's help->about... to get the information. Paste it in with your question.

With teleport problems, look to see how much stuff is attached to your avatar. The more stuff and scripts attached, the more likely you are to have teleport problems.

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The problem is almost certainly on your end.  Teleporting is a stressful process because it involves transfering all information about your avatar and its current status from one server to another.  If you have overloaded your av or have an unreliable Internet connection, you will be more likely to crash during the transfer. Once you have lost the connection, there's no way to reconnect without restarting your viewer.

Aside from rebooting your modem and router, and avoiding wifi and satellite connections (see https://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Wifi-and-satellite-connections/ta-p/1296823 ), there are many steps you can take to be sure that your computer, your Internet connection, and your viewer are well-tuned to each other.  Start here >>> http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_tp_fail

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