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Seeking AV Consultant/Designer


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Hello All! I'll keep this as short and to the point as possible (because I had a whole big thing typed up earlier and it all vanished when I hit 'Preview'. Undo did nothing, FML)!

I am seeking someone who has experience and patience for helping clueless morons like myself make decent looking and oh so appealing avatars.

I am trying to create an Avatar based around a text-based character of mine from past roleplaying experiences.

What I Need From You:

Be up to date with the latest Avatar Enhancements and things like Model Replacers and what not.
Be flexible with Aesthetics (Not too realistic, not too anime-like).
Be Patient! (Really can't stress this enough. I am just barely competent at all things basic SL).
Be Open-Minded! (Gonna be honest, I am NOT gonna be using this avatar you helped me with to take cutesey photos and do family RP. If you're the prudish sort, stay away for your sake)!
Be Creative! ( I only have two references to work with in relation to what I want this character to look like, and they're both drawings, so bear with me)!
Shopping! (God, I hate shopping for stuff. Your advice is greatly appreciated)!

I wouldn't mind if we got along either! If you happen to be an RPer, that is great, but not required!

What I Want To Create:

Human Female, Late 40s to Mid 50s. Full/Thick Figured. Mature appearance, but with that tiny little gimmer of youth to her too. Pale skin, blue eyes, grey to silver hair. Subtle/Small amount of age related wrinkles and the like. Tall (but not like, freakishly so). Think sort of a 'cute but sexy' old lady. If that makes any sense.

Misc Details:

Regarding Pay: I am not adverse to dealing with an 'hourly rate', though considering my own activity and availability, I would prefer a sort of "Pay once, get help until set period of time, within reason" sorta thing. Of course, this is just regarding stuff like the consulting - if you were gonna say, make me a custom shape yourself, I'd pay separately for that!

My availability thus far is Monday to Thursday, 10AM EST to 7PM EST. Fridays 10AM to 12AM. Weekends are generally bad for me.

While I myself play a human, I adore the company of furries!

If you think we'll work out, hit me up here! Just leave a message with some way I can contact you.

If you prefer not to leave your contact info out and about (much like I don't), then leave a message here requesting I send you a PM with my contact info!

Tah-Tah for now, and hope this isn't too long-winded and covers all the details!

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Had some great help from a total sweetheart with picking out a mesh body recently. While I'm not gonna say I'm totally gonna be using it, Belleza Freya seems like what I'll be picking up.


I'm in the market for anyone who considers themselves very good with shapes. Since the mesh body model I plan on getting plays so nice with the built in SL Edit Shape function, I'd like to find someone who can either help me out with making my avatar close in appearance to what I want to emulate, or alternatively, someone who can just flat out make the shape I want (Obviously I'd pay much more generously for the latter, but I'll also pay for the former. Help never hurts!).


On that note, just contacting me ingame is fine instead of here!

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Hello Evelyn, 

I am very interested in helping you set up a good roleplay look. I can help you with a mesh body, skins, shapes, makeup, clothing. I am a curent blogger so I know about fashion and the like. I also used to enjoy roleplay so I know about that sort of thing. Please feel free to message me in world Rosecullen Resident.


Thank you!


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2698 days.

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