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Hourly Wage + 80% tips

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Work at Plush, Exotic Dancers and Escorts 

Dancers make 25L/h (up to 700L a week)

Escorts make 30L/h (up to 840L a week)

Plus we give a 100L daily bonus to the dancer and escort that gets the most tips. 

*Must have mesh hands, feet, and hair! (Mesh body is a plus)

*Must know how to emote!

Want to work with us? Stop by Plush!


Directly contact Nyx (sweeetnesss) or Mia (Miasawft)

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Hello, my name is Rose LeVeau Cove (BlackROse136977), and I am looking to become a dancer in your establihment. I dance in my sister's club Hellz Gate in Second Life, so I have some experience dancing. If it is possible for you to send me a land mark so I can come and look over your club. Also maybe then I can fill out the application right there and hand it in. I hope to get the job, need it now that I just had a Prim baby, and I need to take care of him.



Rose LeVeau Cove (BlackRose136977)

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