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Extrude Ragu

Offline Rez Rights in Experience

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 I ,encountered a sneaky limitation that I was unaware of the other day, and I'm wondering if anyone can advise me how to work around this problem;

 My Experience has a central prim that rezzes HUD's that attach to the user - This works fine, except, I found out, it doesn't, when I'm offline.

  When I'm offline, apparently this fails, with no trace of failure for me to see other than someone asking me why nothing happened (This is pretty bad) - So I read into llRezObjects and found out about 'offline rez rights'

  Here's the thing about my object - It's in land I own, it's in the group I own which is also the group for the land, it should be able to rez, right? My land is set to group can rez also. But apparently, it can't.

  I tried making a copy of the object, and deeding the object to my group, however, I then lost edit rights to my own script, even though the group I deeded the object to is mine, the object is created by me.. I mean, I'm totally bewildered how I am supposed to work with these permissions.

  Has anyone sussed out the secret sauce for getting this to work? The documentation clearly has some weak spots in this regard

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Ok, I finally got this working, here's what I did incase it helps someone else:


❤  As Rolig Suggested:

- - ❤  Set the Rezzer Object to be Shared to the group

- - ❤  Set the Script inside the Rezzer Object to Shared to group

- - ❤  Additionally, I set the object to be rezzed (the HUD) inside the rezzer, to shared to group

I also had a big GOTCHA :-

- - ❤  In my script, inside the attach() event I was calling through to llRequestExperiencePermissions

- - ❤  Inside ExperiencePermissionsDenied event, I was calling through to llDie() after llDetachFromAvatar()

- - ❤  attach() event was being called onRez, even though not attached, and ofcourse object llDie's silently

To fix my GOTCHA :-

- - ❤ Inside attach(key id) event, I put my call to llRequestExperiencePermissions to be inside if(id) { . . . }



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