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Commercial/Residential Land Needed - No |3.$ offer's please.


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:matte-motes-sunglasses-2: Hello my name is Devonne(SL: DevineDevonne7 ) I am posting on the forum today in regards to the purchacing of land with full right's.

[TheAuctionisInAccesible to me I am already working with SL Support to resolve the issue and otherwise would not be here today]

I have my tier Braught up a bit. And I do know what the land is actually worth. I am Starting little business ventures in SL please IM me if interested as well. I am particularly looking for land to plop down a couple of buildings and start a Business im investing in and also to start real estate. Specifially looking for someone to Cut a piece of land 4096m to Cut in half in a Commercial or a new city springing up in SL.

- High Traffic is preferred in the region of the land. As the first building that will go down is a buisness.


Please and thankyou - Devonne :matte-motes-sunglasses-2:


TheModernUnion - Devonne

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It seems to me there's a few contradictions in what you want here, but maybe they are solveable.

First, you don't want to pay even $3/meter if I understood correctly -- but that's the low average price all over the Mainland. Sure, it goes down to even .5/meter or less.

But if you want good land that also is near high-traffic areas -- your other request -- you can't expect to pay less than $3/meter. In fact you might pay $10/meter or more, if you look at the high traffic infohubs, clubs, various other attractions on the map, then see what is for sale around them. It would be rare indeed to find anything $3/m or even $5/m but you might if you keep looking.

Then there's your request to have "a new city going up." There aren't any new cities spring up. The Lindens have stopped printing land (unless I missed something). They haven't made a cityscape type of area like the high-priced Bay City for years and years. Nautilus is kind of a city in parts (an ancient city) but also hugely high-priced. In fact, there aren't any new areas of any kind, rustic, suburban, city or anything.

Unless you mean *resident* created cities. There, too, I can't think of any exactly, although I do see sort of city-like builds on 8192s or 16,000 plus here and there, where people have made rentals/malls/clubs etc together. So again maybe look around the map or check classifieds but again, if it is a NEW city, then you won't have high-traffic, it would take awhile to build.

What I tell all my customers is that traffic does not make sales; sales make sales. Traffic is widely gamed with bots, which are illegal, but then people get them to "pass" by claiming they are mannikins or store clerks or customers, but it's fairly fake. Or they pay people to put things in picks or to hang around and shop, gaming methods that the Lindens try to battle in their dynamic traffic algorithms, but which are still artificially inflating traffic.

Sales are made by having good ads in search -- either paying a lot, finding a key word that is interesting that someone might find (say, "Jacuzzi" instead of "hot tub") or having networks of friends and word-of-mouth. Merely having eyeballs that pass by your store on a high-traffic parcel is not enough. I've proven this myself many times by renting a stall on a very high-traffic club, sandbox, venue of some kind and seen that I get less clicks and follow throughs to buy than I do by posting a notice in my groups or blog or paying some more for a search ad.

Of course, it can be different for you depending on your product, experience, networks etc.

It sounds like you want not only a business but a real estate investment. The word "investment" is never a word I use with land in Second Life. Land in SL is what is known as a "cost center" in business. It's a sunk cost that rarely if ever does more than pay you back your initial cost. Do the math on what it means to buy not even a more expensive private island with the current prices ($295 tier per month after $1000 set-up) but a full sim on the mainland (which might be $195 if you are lucky on the auction to assemble it and then it has no set-up cost). Given the actual rent you can charge, it takes many months -- more than a year sometimes -- to "make back" that "investment" which annually should be booked as a sunk cost of doing business.

It sounds like you don't want to rent (which might be more wise) but buy, in which case take your time shopping. You're in a buyer's market, i.e. there is a huge glut of sellers. Study the map and study the events pages to see where the "green dots" (real people) actually go in real-time, not the static bots artificially driving up traffic figures.

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I have usually had good luck finding a parcel that suits me, at a price that is also affordable for me, by spending some time checking the 'yellow' for sale parcels on the world map.  When you hover over the dollar sign tag on the map you can see not just the selling price, but the price per meter, if that's one of your condiitons.   

I would agree with the above post, that being located on a road isn't necessary to bring in traffic.  When I'm out exploring, I do pop into businesses that I see along the roads out of curiousity, but the places that I go to for almost all of my shopping needs are places that I TP to from a landmark either from adverstisements or from the MP.  (Though I do like living on parcels that are along a road).    Another thing that some businesses do is rent a tiny spot or a cart in a high traffic shopping area and put out a few items there, but also give out LM's to their main store. 

Also, be careful of sims where there are periodically large numbers of green dots representing high traffic - there is a limit on how many avatars can enter a mainland sim, and even before the limit is reached, a high number can make the entire sim very laggy while an event is taking place (I rented - for a very short time - on a parcel with a shopping center that had one of the newer fishing games, attracting people looking for $L's, and during those 'fishing' events, I could hardly move around on my parcel). 

Good luck!

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Hello there :-)

I have four such flat parcels available at L$8192 for 4096 sqm.

Please see the link below for information.


I provide personal customer service, so please feel free to IM me any time. :-)

Thanks, and have a lovely day!

Carissima Tedeschi

tedeschi logo.jpg

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