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Charity Kiosks that go direct to the charity

Kaiila Mahoney

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Duplicate of https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Linden-Dollars-L/Is-there-a-script-or-a-way-to-pay-lindens-to-a-paypal-account/qaq-p/2958807/comment-id/11354#M11354

Duplicate of https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Linden-Dollars-L/Is-there-a-script-or-a-way-to-pay-lindens-to-a-paypal-account/qaq-p/2958807

To reiterate what you have been told earlier:

There is NO other option for you to collect L$ for charity other than to create an avatar account [basic or Premium] on behalf of your charity and then selling them on the LindeX to create a USD [uS Dollar] balance that may then be transferred to a real life PayPal account.  That PayPal account may be created for this purpose and associated with a properly registered 501.c(3) Charitable Organization Bank account.

You can not directly transfer lindens or cause Lindens to be sold on the LindeX and be transferred via script to an outside bank account. Why? This would be a money launderer's dream.

You can create a scripted Kiosk that forwards all donated Lindens to a single Avatar Account.

Remember, you will need to purchase some lindens 1st using your charitable avatar account to start the 28 day credit worthiness clock so that you can then sell your collected lindens into a USD Balance that you may then Process Credit into a fully verified PayPal account. The fees Linden Research charges are categorized as operating expenses when filing your tax returns on behalf of your charity collection efforts.

In any case, once you have become an authorized fundraiser for your charity of cholce you can offer a link to your credentials for that charity's fund raising site.

If your charity maintains an Avatar Account in SecondLife for this purpose, all the better. Then they will assume this burden.

Everything else I said in a post to another OP [Frets] back in 2014 still applies: Reposted below:


Good for you.  Below is a reply I posted a year or so back and it still applies. You would use the charity you plan to collect funds for [L$ converted to USDs and then paid out through a PayPal account.] This is oriented to the Wounded Warriors Project but your charity will require the same processing. Remember, in order to use the name & art & logos of the Charity you are collecting funds fo,r you have to 1st register with that charity.


The Wounded Warriors Project is a worthy one indeed.

Step One: Contact The Wounded Warriors Project  http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/  first! Call them at their local office but better yet email them at their Fund Raiser link page http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/contact-us/fundraiser-email.aspx and include a synopsis of your ideas and how you plan to execute them via the Second Life Community and your presence here in it. You will need their support and acknowledgement to continue. This is required in order to use their name, brand and any and all logos. You should also register with TWW Project as a Fund Raiser and get a copy of all their regulations and reporting requirements.

Step Two: You need to become an authorized fundraiser with means to prove your legitimacy to those you would collect Lindens from for conversion to dollars and donation to TWW Project. You also need to become/create a registered 501.c(3) Charitable Organization in order to do this legally.


Step Three: Don't be afraid of the IRS, this is easy to do and will keep you out of trouble income wise. Setting up a charity checking account is easy and you'll need this not only for you to keep the collected monies separate but also for the Bank account information for the Registered SecondLife Avatar Account authorized to accept payments/donations on behalf of the charity. [Your Legal Name of course will be on the bank account] - Be prepared to offer this tax status information on request or better yet, make it publicly available as a part of the process where you provide the Kiosks for businesses and associations to collect donations at on your charity's behalf.

Step Four: Once the bank account is open, you need to get a PayPal account open and connected to the Bank account with the highest level of authentication and using an accepted bank backed business debit card or credit card. Yes you will be spending some of your own money to set this all up and you will need to buy some Lindens to start the clock on the ability to cash out Lindens to the PayPal account.

Step Five: Once you have the endorsement and tax status, you need to find a legitimate scripter/builder to assist you with your collection Kiosks builds and TWW Project logo branded goodies to either sell or give away at donation time.  Look for the creator of the ACS - Relay for Life Kiosks as a reputable source of certified objects for the purposes of fund raising in SecondLife. The registration system these use allows us to make donations with 100% confidence that this is a qualified Donation Kiosk and charity.

Step Six: Get a proper parcel set up focusing on the charity with the approval and blessing of TWW Project board of Directors. Then go door to door / club to club with your goals in mind and start making a difference. [Note: Yes, a % of the donations received can go towards the upkeep of the Charity's in-world presence, but if I were you, I'd make my personal donation equal to or more than the cost of the tiers to maintain the parcel for the charity.]



OK now for your other questions:

1) Linden Research will not eliminate the currency processing fees when exchanging Lindens for USDs.

2) If you play on leasing a whole private region to support this charity, you may qualify for a discount but only if purchased from Linden Research directly. These costs my be prohibitive.

3) Any monies you expend to maintain a region can be a part of the operational costs for the Charity. Do good bookkeeping.

4) You will have become/create a registered 501.c(3) Charitable Organization in order to do this legally.



Good Luck! 

 {Note: I do accounting and office support support for several Charitable Organizations in RL}

P.S. If you are thinking along the lines of hosting a single event, converting the lindens collected and then donating the proceeds to TWW Project, I still recommend all the above steps. Why? If you are going to go through this effort to do it right, why not do it continuously afterwards. IM me when you are all set up. I'll donate.

P.S.S. You can always collect Lindens for the charity personally but you can't reference the Charity by name in that case. This becomes a matter of trust among your peers.

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a simple suggestion is that you can use a donation script--- and use that money you collect--- and give it to the EXACT charity you want....

make an alt acct for the donations to go to that has no paymenton file--- that way you start with 0L....u wil know exactly how much money in addtion to the donation script telling u how much was donated.....then that will be the amount u donate to charity

i hope that help,




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are you really sure the L$ go directly to the charity?... i never seen that, it's always by way of a resident account that is used inworld.

It might be that there is a own resident account for the charity inworld.


Directly seems impossible for me because the L$ have to be converted to real money. And this only is possible by selling it within SL

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Kaiila Mahoney wrote:

I would like to know how to develop a script that will pull funds from the prim owners account to go
directly to a charity. This is used in the Relay for Life Kiosks that go directly to the American Cancer Society.
I would like to help other charities to do the same thing. I do not want to have an avatar that has to then put it into the funds. I want it to show automatically so people know they are donating directly to the charity. This prevents questions on the authenticity of the charity. 

Your premise is completely incorrect.


as you can see all Kiosk donations go to an in-world avatar account.

Each Kiosk is uniquely identified and prompts you with this message: Thank you for your kind donation to Relay For Life of Second Life! If you would like more information, click this kiosk.

Further, each in-world team [usually a venue in SL] is assigned a unique identification during the registration process. This allows each in-world team to rez kiosks at all their in-world locations.


RFL of SL 2015 Official Kiosk Mesh smalll: Check out our team on the web at http://relayforlifeofsecondlife.org/team-page?team=193

RFL of SL 2015 Official Kiosk Mesh smalll: RFL KIOSK
Owned by Scorpianrose Resident
located at Region Voodoo Bayou <129,148,22>
You can verify this information at http://relayforlifeofsecondlife.org/verify-tool/?uuid=598591ab-8d65-8bf6-6321-057c05f1ebf7 where you can enter a verification phrase that will be sent to this location


Further, here is the information regarding RFL in SL.

What is RFL in SL?

Relay For Life is the signature event of the American Cancer Society and has been active, and continually growing in Second Life for 10 years.  In 2005, the first Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) was attended by a few hundred avatars and raised almost $5,000 US dollars for the American Cancer Society.  As of July 2014 RFL of SL  ranks number 17th out of 5000 teams world wide in donations received.  We have brought in more than 2,5 million US dollars to help with the fight against cancer.  This year our Relay weekend will be held on July 18th and 19th. Won't you join us as we Relay in the largest party on the grid.

Until there is a cure We Relay!

For information contact Random Padar (Darrow) Event chair,  Dawnbeam Dreamscape Co Chair or Vee Tammas, Team ambassador.


All the official representatives of RFL in-world maintain contact Avatar Accounts as well.

In this Kiosks case, Scorpianrose Resident [the owner] receives the donation as documented in my transaction posted above.It is then immediately transferred via an LL gift payment process to the official in-world avatar account responsible for collecting L$s for RFL. The Scorpianrose Resident account can see both sides of this transaction. I can only see my donation to Scorpianrose Resident 

That RFL Avatar account then sells the collected Linden's on the LindeX and then requests a Process Credit  into the registered chapters PayPal account. Once in payPal, the authorized account holder then transfers those funds to Relay for Life probably via check for 501.3© tax purposes.

All this information is and has been available for years. There is no Script LLMoney function that bypasses the donation / gift transaction process to an avatar account in SL.

As you can see the Kiosk is well scripted and it also it tied to an external database and web presence that allows the person making donations to verify the legitimacy of the RFL charity in SL. All this costs real money that the collected and cashed out Linden's may be used for to offset those costs. The remainder is donated to the RFL Charity.

Additionally here is the official link to the RFL for Second Life charitable collections group from the RFL Official site:


These folks have performed all the steps I outlined earlier and much much more to become the trusted RFL Charity go to place in SL.


In closing, if you want to provide this service for other charities, then you need to undergo the whole Project Analysis exercise and design it to provide this kind of transparency and level of service and authentication. Then you need to hire expert programmers to create and maintain the database, back it up, code the web transactions and the in-world database functions to be placed in custom designed Kiosks.. Once this is all done you still need to have those charities that want to use your product, take all the same steps for registering as Collections Organizations as well as leasing your services from you!




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