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Teen girl looking for a family....

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Okay... I roleplay as a 15 year-old girl in SL. I'm a shapeshifter, I roleplay a good amount. I've made panels at topnotch adoption centers. However, I've always had problems when it came to actually finding someone. 1. They barely even roleplay.  2. I have nothing in common with them. or 3. They only want humans, children under 13, or boys.   I always thought what was the point in doing family ROLEPLAY if you don't even roleplay? Now... if ANYONE would actually consider me, I'll type down a bit about myself.


Name: Amane Ikeda (yuriyandere9000)

AIW: A bit over 3 years.

RP Age: 15 (10/31)

Species: Shapeshifter (currently a neko, but I have the bloodlines Thirst HUD, and am willing to just be human, I'd also consider being a furry if I had the lindens.)

Hobbies/Interests: Anime, Manga, Cosplay, Geeky things, Games, Roleplay in general, Exploring, Having fun, Spending time with family.

Favorite Color: Red/Black

Types of RP: Go with the flow, maybe semi-para.

Personality/Bio thing: Amane is a quiet girl, she has short, messy crimson hair and eyes. She has skin so pale that the rings under her eyes are visible from lack of sleep. She considers herself to be a heavy sleeper, though she loves to stay up late playing video games. She likes to wear loose, dark clothing and go barefoot unless she HAS to wear shoes. When it comes to relationships she feels as if others must speak to her first or she'll feel that if she speaks first, she'll bother the other party.


Contact me inworld if I seem like a good family member. :3

I require... good typing skills, decent roleplay skills, the ability to provide a home and possibly schooling, and an open-minded geeky family who is okay with LGBT...

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