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New CFNM sim opening soon!

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Hey everyone!

First off, I hope that I am posting this in the right forum - if not I apologise in advance! :)

I originally posted about this about 18 months to 2 years ago - I really must apologise to all who took the time to give me feedback and ideas.  I am sorry that I could not see the idea through at the time, I got ill in RL and required quite some time in hospital.  I hope you understand that I have not forgotton about you!

In the time I have been away, I have put a lot more thought and effort into formulating what CFNM Living should really be about.  I've also released an updated and more thorough feedback survey so I can guage what's going to work best for most people.  I really will try to accomodate as many people's desires as I can!

Please take the new survey by clicking here!

Whilst sex will obviously be an important part of any Adult-rated development, I want to avoid this becoming a totally sex-centric sim.  What I mean is, I'd love to see it look and feel like a real community, with parks, plazas, shops, games and more!  This is why I have called the group CFNM Living - so you can live the CFNM lifestyle!  Of course what you do in your own home is entirely up to you!  We'll also have a few sex-friendly places dotted around... just don't do it in the park where the ducks can see! :P

We'll have a number of homes available for rent too!  I've gone to great lengths to source the best quality mesh homes as I'd really like this to be a high quality sim -  fit for the people who choose to make it their home!

I'm also very keen on having a CFNM Wrestling/Combat area - perhaps even having a sort of mini-league of Guys vs Girls?  Of course ot goes without saying that the guys would have to fight naked, but this is a CFNM sim, after all!

The other idea I'll be implementing is a CFNM Dating service - which will work like any other SL dating service except that the guys will - you guessed it - have to use a naked pic of their avatar!

I'd honestly LOVE ot hear all comments, suggestions and ideas that you'd like to see if you can see this sim becoming a regular resident of your TP history!  Feel free to IM me directly! (I wouldnt use the forum message box as I rarely remember to check that)

Thanks for reading, and it's great to be back!  I'm really looking forward to hearing from you all!

CFNMSL Resident

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Hey there, of course you can!

I really should have put that into the post hehe :)


CFNM means Clothed Female, Naked Male.  Basically it's where the guys are not allowed to wear clothes around the clothed ladies.  Hope this helps!


CFNMSL Resident

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