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Looking for a Partner

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Not neccessarily a partnership in the LL sense, but someone someone close that enjoys the same things as me, and grows to love me for who I am and all my quirks. So who am I? Glad you asked. My name is Pwincess or Seana, and I am a shape changing, shopaholic who loves to chat and flirt, loves to landscape and decorate, and isn't shy about exploring the adult sides of SL. I love getting out and exploring new sims, occasionally flying or sailing, and I love helping people learn how to use SL to the full extent.

If that sounds interesting to you, let me throw out a little bit about what I am hoping to find.


  • Someone who shops...a lot. If you don't put money into the game (or make enough in world to keep 1000's of L$ on account) your not the person I am looking for. Nothing against freebie shopping, but that is just not what I am after. The person I am looking for watches blogs and Seraphimsl daily looking for new things to buy. The right person works diligently to get into all the big events on day one, and isnt shy about picking up lots of stuff. You prolly have a bunch of mesh parts, and likely a whole mesh body or three.
  • Someone that doesn't mind change...All the shopping I do means I have lots of different looks. Big bodies, little bodies, kid bodies, furry bodies. I dress casual, I dress up, I dress fantasy and science fiction. I dress cute, i dress slutty and I am not at all afraid to be totally undressed. All this means that today I am a grown up, tomorrow I am a kid and the following I am a fox. Thats hard for some people to deal with, but if your a shape shifting shopaholic as well we will get on just fine.
  • Someone kinky...limits in a virtual world are sorta silly, so I have very very few. I am looking for someone who is the same. I am very gender fluid in SL and never limit myself in terms of the types of partners. I would love to find a playful friend.
  • Someone on during the week days...I am mostly online and active from about 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM SLT weekdays. I am online a lot, but the rest of the time I am on my phone and just able to chat.
  • Looking for a (mostly) female partner...I am really wanting to find that awesome best friend, likely with benefits, to be with, shop with. Because of the shopping I do, my preferences for avatars and play, and overall thoughts on people in SL, I am looking for a female partner. Shemale/Herm partners are also fine. Obviously someone who is most often a furry of any variety is welcome as well, again so long as the appearance is mostly female.
  • Someone that doesnt mind afk...I work, I have kids, i get interrupted. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.

Ok this was really long. I often reply to posts like these, but have never made one myself. I just have not found the right person yet. Perhaps this will work. Feel free to IM me in world. I love to chat.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2035 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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