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The Second Life Marine Corps are recruiting.

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Want to have the experience of military life?

Tired of getting promised the world?

Well, we don't do that.

We only promise you that you will get an RP of what it like to be in the military run by VETS.

No, we do not go out and do a lot of Vice combat so if thats all you want, then try else where.

We offer a two week boot camp and other courses after that.

Courses are designed to be as close to what you would be taught in RL.

If you're interested to become a Marine, come and talk to us.

We're at Liskamm: (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Liskamm/56/52/50)

Or contact via Private Msg.

Lieutenant Colonel, Jade Kangas.
Sgt Major, Ina Drut.
Sgt, Garet Braveheart.
Corporal, Eduardo Huillermeyer.

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SL Marine Corps Recruitment Command
MCRD Blake Island, Liskamm

1.) Name:
2.) SL DOB:
3.) Key Number:
3A) DO you have an e.mail or some way we can contact you other than though sl

4.) Nation of Origin:
4a) are you male or female?

5.) Are you over the age of 18 in RL?

6.) Do you have past roleplay (RP) experience?

8.) Can you understand, read and write the English language?

9.) Other languages spoken:

10.) do you have sound? It is a must to join.

11.) How did you hear about the SL Marines?

12.) Hours you are available on SL (i.e. 1200-1800 SL Monday-Thursday, Sunday)


13.) Please take some time to tell us a little about yourself:


14.) Have you previously served in the military?


Note: This information is not required. If yes, please provide:

- Branch of Service
- Country
- Dates of Service

We do not condone lying about military service. If you have not served, that does not restrict entry to this organization. If you are caught lying, you will be removed from the group and banned from all SLMC property.

welcome to look around
SL Marine Corps Requirements:

1.) Must at all times remain on the friends' list of your CO's, Admin, Direct Officers, NCO's. Breakdown with this will mean a breach of chain of command and will result in a Court Marshall for disciplinary action.

2.) Must be available for recruit training. The Eagle Globe and Anchor (EGA) and title of SL Marine must be claimed and earned, it will never be given. You will work for everything you get in the SLMC, including the title of SL Marine. This will be the hardest challenge you ever face in SL. However, the reward is priceless and we hope you carry with you forever.

3.) While you are on base (entire outcast group) you will be in Human Avi. The name Marine is sacred as well as wearing the uniform. You will need to remember that it is an honor to claim the title and there are many more that have come before you in RL. As Marines, we hold dear those traditions and values. To be a part of this organization, you will too.

4.) We ask for your commitment just as we will commit to you to be a part of something greater than yourself. You will swear in as part of the Delayed Entry Program (DEP). If you have an issue with loyalty or commitment, the SL Marine Corps may not be for you. We are 100% committed.

Please send completed applications to:

SGT MAJ Ina Drut

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From the Trademark Guidelines page:


  • Naming Guidelines. Your SL Associated Name must use "SL" or "inSL" (but not both) in combination with your own word mark (for example, Dell® or Toyota®, if you own those word marks), or in combination with a name that uses at least two generic nouns. A "generic noun" is a common noun and not a proper noun, trademark or brand name. Your SL Associated Name must not include any Linden Lab trademark other than "SL" or "inSL" or anything confusingly similar to a Linden Lab trademark. For example:

    This is OK:
    Dell SL
    Dell inSL
    SL Budget Shopping Guide
    Chic Clothing Boutique inSL
    SL Architectural Design Services Inc.
    SL Chinese Residents Association

    This is NOT OK:
    Dell Second Life (can't use "Second Life")
    Dell 2nd Life (can't use abbreviation of "Second Life")
    SL Shopping (must use at least two generic nouns with "SL")
    Clothing inSL (must use at least two generic nouns with "inSL")
    SL Design (only one generic noun; must use at least two with "SL")
    China SL ("China" is a proper noun; need at least two generic nouns)
    SL Linden Dollar Service (can't use "Linden")

You can not use the words "Second Life" in your group or business name. It implies that you are affiliated with LL as a business partner and they condone any actions you take within SL.

 ETA... i forgot a small bit..

8. No Suggestion of Endorsement. Never use any Linden Lab trademark in a manner that implies a false relationship with or sponsorship, endorsement, or employment by Linden Lab.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2030 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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