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Woman offering herself as maid and sex slave

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Are you a couple or family who wishes to take care of a sexy submissive woman?

I am an italian woman (SLT+9) looking for a couple / family to live with as a domestic maid. I am a female bisexual that wishes to serve as both house maid and sex slave. I'd love to meet a couple where both are dominant and who desire both a sex slave and competent domestic servant. I am into being caged and humiliated. My humiliation fantasies include public exposure, wearing a real maids uniform at all times, being kept naked, collars, gags and shackles. (i have restraints).

Do you want a live in domestic maid who helps with the house chores? Do the laundry, clean the house? Providing companionship? Will you mold your maid into whatever form you consider most pleasing and useful to you? Will you provide constant direction and discipline by setting clear rules to live by? Would you like a sexual toy to enjoy? I will be also available 24/7 for your sexual needs, your guest needs and i will be happy if you will share me with other couples.

I am willing to work hard, be attentive and be willing to be trained to your specifications. I have no interest in dom/sub couples, only where both are dominant. 


IM Erikah Jameson

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