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Interior Designer looking for any work!

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Hi everyone! :) I'm Chyna, and even though I work a number of jobs on here, my main focus on here has always been Interior Design, since I love decorating homes to make them feel like they could last a lifetime.. :) So as of now, instead of working for my friends, I will be looking for anyone who would like me as their interior designer.. now every job comes with a price, but I am willing to bring numbers way down. Check out my pricing below! :) 


I N T E R I O R  D E S I G N  P R I C E S :: C H Y N A 

- O N E  R O O M :: 5 0 L $

- T W O  R O O M S :: 1 0 0 L $

- T H R E E  R O O M S :: 2 0 0 L $

- F O U R  &  U P :: 3 0 0 L $


I am willing to lower prices! :) 

If you are interested in my business, IM me in world,

      C H Y N A (Jayenzio)

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I think you will do a lot better by providing a list of locations where people can see your body of work.

As you may or may not know, SL is teeming with mediocre "talents" pretending to offer professional services, but really it's just an adjunct to their online roleplay of a skilled effectual person.

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