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Flamingo Court Bed & Breakfast - Discover the Legacies of Second Life

Prokofy Neva

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Do you remember the days when it took half a sim just to put out a few of Jai Nomad's no-modify light-on sci-fi prefabs? When Jauani Wu made modern seating like a sculpture? When Desmond Shang was in the antiques business? When Baron Grayson's RELIC "Velvet Sonata" was the epitome of taste? All of these creations are lost in the mists of time but you can discover them again at my new Bed & Breakfast homes in Grote.

Open House

With the meshification of Second Life, increasingly, only the very rich and the very poor use prims. Are you languishing in a Linden home among a sea of look-alikes? Are you one of the recently unlanded gentry of SL? Here you will find a home to put our your treasured heirlooms. Do you have land but not enough meters even for Barnesworth Anubis' mesh summer cottages? Here you can live large in them and even add a sky box.

For just $200 a week you will get 100 prims allowance if you take our historic furnishings, or for $250 you can put out 150 prims of your own anywhere on the site. Pets can be accommodated on the grounds or the nearby campground. RV parking is also available for $1/prim/week.

We can't begin to describe all the fascinating treasures here, but just some highlights:

o Did you know Lindens made more than just what you find in the Library? Here are some of their forgotten treasures and rares like Albert Linden's Courbusier Sofa and Table and Brent Linden's Easter Egg. Who puts up Leo Linden's 47-prim plaque? We do!
o Remember the days when Bacarra Rhode had a champagne picnic for 61 prims -- and even the more recent Moles didn't flinch at a 95-prim picnic with scones and cream tea? We pack these for your lunch in nearby areas.
o We're not ashamed to put out an old-fashioned crafted prim vase of begonias with 87 prims, but you will also find modern mesh Aphrodite toast for your gourmet breakfast. Russian teas and Manager's Buffet at the Flamingo Court/Motel of Last Resort also served on occasion, and don't forget to visit the sauna and lounge at the Flamingo.

Come and tour the homes while we have Open House -- it is like an SL museum!

B&B Open House

Rental boxes are here, and you can also arrange anonymous rentals if you prefer or Paypal.

Flamingo Court Rental Office



The Dyerbrook Parvenu - with Menubar Memorial's61-prim  Magic Mood Lantern and Marian Lean's Magic Couch. Inspiration from Wintry Lavendel and a Magellan poster you can take home -- unlike so many Magellan non-transfer  items!


The Desmond Shang - and living proof that Des once made a voyage to the Mainland. Extra special -- Anne OToole's 1870 Daguerrotype.

Russia Tea_001.jpg

Russian Tea in Old World splendour -- Nekos' high-backed chairs and Baron Grayson's Relic "Velvet Sonata" -- and a prized SSGalaxy tribute painting!

Russia Tea_002.jpg

The Jai Nomad - also featuring Barnesworth Anubis' TSO Lamp and Ingrid Ingersoll's Bali Couch. Ingrid's freebie rug really warms up a room, doesn't it?

Lots more and surprises still to come -- visit on your SL Vacation!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3210 days.

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