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Update - SL Viewer

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I got a message that I needed a new viewer, trusting soul that I am I accepted it, it did it's usual thing and then - crash. I kept getting messages that it couldn't install certain parts (dll files). Tried all sorts - Abort / Retry / Ignore - restart etc, all to no avail. It was only when I logged into my computer as "Admin" that I was able to go through the process, I "Ignored" the error messages and now I seem to have an updated SL version - or at least I think that's what it is. (I did try to submit a ticket, but it all went a bit Pete Tong (wrong)).

So if anyone else is having similar problems you could try logging in to your computer as Admin.  It seems to work.





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Sometimes, certain dll files get marked as "in use" by the sl program and don't get properly released when an attempt to update is made during application startup. Since the Operating system sees the files as "in use", it won't allow the updater to overwrite those files. The easiest fix for a botched install like this, is as follows.


  1. Exit the Second Life Application.
  2. Reboot your computer. (this releases the dlls).
  3. DO NOT lanch the Second Life application.
  4. Uninstall the Second Life application.
  5. Download a fresh copy from http://get.secondlife.com
  6. Install as normal.

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