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Serenityfirefly McMahon

Pink Velvet - Strip & Dance Club Female Dancers Wanted.

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Hi There!

I'm Sere I've been in sl for little over 8 years:P I know right i just love it and can't get enough <3 i went between clubs when i first started sl i had some help but always struggled along the way and things never felt the 100% right. One day i fell into this club someone told me about, It was Pink and absolutely gorgeous!

The ladies are hot there an the staff and guests were all nice, So i asked if they were hiring and  Helpful Manager Rosa let me know they where, During my time ive met some great ladies at this club as well as guests they aren't just dancers they have become family to me and are always supportive, i have never seen another club quite like PV.

I believe in paying it forward, i've come accross as a few new girls who joined sl and struggled to get there footing too, brought them over to PV and they loved it too, So if your fun flirty and sexy PV is the place to be, if your new just starting out and want some help wither it be on your avatar pop on by I'm here most days Our staff would love to help you too. we're always looking to help our girls:) If your looking for dancer job, drop on by or IM me<3 Minimum 7days old in SL before registering, Women employees only.

Welcome to Pink Velvet! A  true traffic strip club with real strippers. Finding bots where you go? Not here and not a moment goes by that isn't sensual. With over 1500 enrolled dancers, this is one of the hottest strip & dance clubs in SL!


Come Visit us Today

Looking for work as a Dancer? Let me know<3 I'm a Vanguard at this awesome club, Or drop by and talk to a Vanguard or Manager, Soon:D We also look for Hostess's and DJ's too let our Staff know if your interested<3 (Note Female employees only)

Love an Hugs!! Hoping to help some ladies find an awesome place to work.



Message me if interested. As Sheri stated in message below, we're more then willing to help send me a  message or friend request if new or experienced we can cover the details in person.


Vanguard (Assistant Manager) @ Pink Velvet

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Pink Velvet is full of fun people and the tips help with your shopping habit! Sere is one of our best dancers at Pink Velvet! Come down to visit us at Pink Velvet and apply for a job in person. You must be female in Real Life. You must be 18 years old or older. You must be at least 7 days old. Pink Velvet has no set schedules you can work as much or as little as you want as long as you log in once every 30 days to a tip jar. You keep 90% of the tips you make. The club keeps 10%. Come sign up as a dancer today! SheriBlonde18 Manager at Pink Velvet

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Yep well said Sheri though just to add<3 i'm a vanguard, dj and host we can help with pretty much everything from helping  a new person produce a  nice avi to helping more experienced dancers refine the skills i absolutely love pv!! we hire hostess's djs too!!! remember female only though, Sheri is an awesome dancer too she is awesome and started our as a dancer an progressed on to manager, yay she has hot avi and you can learn so much from our girls here they are so caring an supportive!!- Sere Vanguard <3

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