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Ayva Meili

Help Taking a Dress Photo...

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I take pictures of outfits for vendors in my store. Most of my photos turn out okay but when a dress looks big on a body or not as slim as it really is, how do you fix that? Even when I take the picture it looks fine but when I finish it and upload it, the dress is not as slim as it looks on the picture. I know it will have something to do with size, hope you understand my issue and any help is appreciated.

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The reason most likely is that the aspect ratio for your photo displayed in Second Life is not the same as it is in your graphics editing program.

For starters upload your photo only in the sizes as shown in this link:


Don't use any other sizes.

When you place a photo on a prim surface, to display the photo correctly, the prim surface's aspect ratio must be exatly the same as the aspect ratio of your photo is.

An example:

So, lets say that you upload your photo as 512 x 512 pixels. That's a square, the aspect ratio is 1:1, this photo will display correctly on any prim surface which is square like 1 meter x 1 meter for example.

Another example:

You upload a photo which is 512 x 256 pixels. That's a rectangle, the aspect ratio is 2:1, this photo will display correctly on a rectangular prim surface having aspect ratio of 2:1, like 2 m x 1 m and 1 m x 0.5 m, and so on.

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