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Extrude Ragu

Key-Value Pairs and Database limits

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  I searched around but I was unable to find any information related to the limitations of Key-Value Pair storage?

  I want to know what limits there are (in terms of how much data my Experience can store), and if there are things I am not allowed to track with KVP's



I could using KVP's store a users point-score in a game, or perhaps a HUD-position preferrence

For example KEY = avKey + "|pointscore" VALUE = 10

However If there was a data-storage limit and my experience hit it, I wouldn't be able to delete those key-value pairs because I do not know the key of every Avatar that has entered my Experience, and thus the only way to get around the problem at that point would be to delete the entire experience (very bad)

So.. Is there a limit? Can the limit be expanded if needed?

Kind regards

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As far as I know, there is no limit to the number of keys you can create in an Experience, or at least it's a comfortably high number that few users are likely to bump up against.  Experiences like Linden Realms have thousands of KVP, one for each player who has ever played there. The more significant limit is the string length limit for key values, 4095 characters for a Mono-compiled script.  You can pack a lot of information into a delimited string, but it takes some planning to imagine all the variables you might want to store and to get them formatted so that they are easy to use when you retrieve and parse the KVP later.

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