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cute mesh head more skintones?

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LOGO "Alex" is perhaps not cute enough? The head was released some months ago, but the appliers is recently released and it is summer... so there is not many appliers out. This is a work in progress, I hope it will be released soon! https://www.flickr.com/photos/mochimilena/19656399265?sa=X&ved=0CBUQ9QEwAGoVChMIwZeSh7b7xgIVapRyCh0nhwE_

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Has anyone out there successfully had a skin applier work for their LOGO Alex Infinity Hybrid Mesh Head?  I have seen fashion blogs where it seems the models are wearing different skins on their LOGO Alex Infinity, and I found and purchased several appliers for it. At present I have -

Omega Logo Alex Applier ( http://lovenlustdesigns.blogspot.com/p/logo-instructions.html )

& Itgirl's Alessa x Logo Mesh Applier for LOGO Alex Infinity head  ( https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ItGirls-LOGO-Infinity-Head-Applier-Alessa-Pale/7561303 )

Now I see that  on the Omega website it states the following....

"Note that LOGO's Alex comes with two versions, a classic version with more detailed UV maps and an SLUV version designed to work with Omega. This kit works with that version. Not all the classic HUD features, including makeups, will be available."

I have read the information that comes with the LOGO Alex Infinity Hybrid Mesh Head, and it mentions nothing about any SLUV version or it containing two versions at all. I've even had my LOGO Alex redelivered to make sure it wasn't an update. So I have the problem that I can't get the Omega applier to work, at all. Equipping every part of the LOGO Alex Infinity Hybrid Mesh Head, then adding the LOGO Omega HUD and clicking it does absolutely nothing for me. I get no message in the main channel/chat.

I feel I must be doing something wrong, are there any mesh experts out there that can shed some light on this issue. Perhaps you have figured out how to apply a new skin to your LOGO Alex Infinity Hybrid Mesh Head? If you have please respond to this post and let me, and all those who come seeking answers to this in the future, know how you did it. It would be immensely appreciated if you could!


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